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Pool Filtration


Clear Aquatics can help you choose the best filtration system for your pool. Make the right choice when choosing your filter by asking the right questions. We are here to help you make an informed

decision for your pool's filtration needs. 


Contact Scott Bowron to learn more or call 226-448-4020.


Defender DE

Looking to make the jump from sand filtration to RMF technology? Experience up to:

  • 90% Water Savings

  • 50% Energy Savings

  • 30% Chemical Savings

  • 75% Space Savings

  • 95% Less Particulate

2020-07-13 Power_Bump_Compare_Solo.png

Defender - FP Series

Designed with advanced modeling tools and validated through extensive testing, the next generation FP-Series RMF is suitable for applications requiring flow rates between 107-300 gpm.


Pool Operation Equipment

From UV, Controllers and Lawson Grates, we can help you with your pool operation needs.

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