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Defender FP-Series Filters

Powerbump System

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Neptune Benson Defender FP series pressure DE filter by Evoqua has brought a new style and opportunity to the pool filtration market. Offering this for the smaller installations with a 107-300 GPM (24-68M3/hr) range, and a whole new exterior fabrication, Defender FP truly offers cost savings through green energy savings and a lower upfront cost than previously available. Technological changes in the patented bump system makes bumping, even easier. Added to this, FP series has an extremely small footprint keeping valued floor space in your filter room, it is a winner in all respects. Installations such as Hotels, Therapy pools, Recreation Centres, and Hospital installations are ideal locations and just a few. Operator friendly, and easy to install, these add value to any facility. Clear Aquatics is the agent for all your filtration needs.

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FP-Series Filter


• Flow rates between 107-300 gpm (24-68 m3/hr)

• Compact size fits through standard 36“ doorways

• Non-metallic fiberglass vessel eliminates corrosion concerns

• PowerBumpTM System eliminates moving parts

• Fully-automatic controller makes bumping quick & easy

• Integrated diffuser evenly distributes water flow

Did you know?

  • Defender FP gives your pool a true sparkle picking up approx. 260% more particulate than sand filtration

  • Defender FP captures greater than 90% Cryptosporidium (This does not replace CDC guidelines)

  • Defender FP offers affordability on purchase and for the long term.

Contact Scott Bowron or call 226-448-4020

to learn if the Defender FP-Series Filter is right for your facility.

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