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Regenerative Media Filters

Defender Filters

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Why Neptune Benson Defender Filters?

  • Green energy - Defender uses far less water for backwash than any other filter, particularly sand filters. Whether you building a new facility or refurbishing your existing filter room, Defender adds green energy value. Reducing the load on your utility and sewer system.

      Note: We complete a payback analysis for you so

      you can see the value. 


  • Refit easily - Defender filters have a far smaller footprint than a sand filter, and can fit through nearly any doorway. Defender filter assembly system can make really tough access locations an easy fit.


  • Crystal Clear Water - Defender filters give you the benefit of an open tank filter at 1-4 micron giving sparkling water, but not the mess or space requirement of an open tank system


  • Operator friendly - Operators can easily use them, and appreciate the safety advantage that Defender offers over any other filter type.


  • Chosen Brand - Neptune Benson is chosen around the world for its quality and reliability.

  • LEED Certification Points

Category: Energy & Atmosphere​

Meets 2 Prerequisite: Minimum Energy Performance

Earns 1 Credit: Optimized Energy Performance


Category: Innovation & Design Process

Earns 1 Credit: Reduction in Water Usage

Earns 1 Credit: Reduction Contaminated Water Generation


Category: Regional Priority (applicable in  areas where water availability is an issue)

Earns 1 Credit: Enhanced Water Usage Reduction

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