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Myrtha Pools

Through commitment to engineering and innovation, Myrtha Pools has grown to be world leader among commercial pool builders. Embracing creative and architectural challenges, our hands-on approach and pursuit of excellence has resulted in an international portfolio that includes an enviable range of gold-medal competition venues, exciting community facilities, breathtaking hospitality pools and more. Our regular and custom swimming pools can be found in community centres, water parks, university campuses, cruise ships, medical centres, camping grounds and sports clubs all around the world.

Green Energy

All Myrtha Pools are engineered, using our proprietary, modular system, in stainless steel, PVC and the highest quality finishes. Any project’s environmental impact is critically important – particularly in countries requiring LEED certification or those with aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards. Myrtha Pool reduces GHG emissions by as much as 45%. 

Learn more about Green Energy

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WIATC natatiorium -from above.jpeg, Myrtha Pools
Myrtha indoor Pool

WIATC - Windsor, Ontario

 Indoor Myrtha Pool
Myrtha Pool, Windsor wave pool

Adventure Bay - Windsor, Ontario

Myrtha Pool- International Swimming Competition Windsor

Ontario 2016 World Championship Pool - WFCU Centre, Windsor, Ontario

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