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Clear Aquatics can help you choose the best filtration system for your pool. Make the right choice when choosing your filter by asking the right questions. We are here to help you make an informed decision for your pool's filtration needs. 


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Neptune Benson
Defender DE Filters

Why Neptune Benson Defender Filters?

* Green energy - Defender uses far less water for backwash than any other filter, particularly sand filters. Whether you building a new facilty or refurbishing your existing filter room, Defender adds green energy value. Reducing the load on your utility and sewer system.

Note: We complete a payback analysis for you so you can see the value. 


* Refit easily - Defender filters have a far smaller footprint than a sand filter, and can fit through nearly any doorway. Defender filter assembly system can make really tough access locations an easy fit.


* Crystal Clear Water - Defender filters give you the benefit of an open tank filter at 1-4 micron giving sparkling water, but not the mess or space requirement of an open tank system


* Operator friendly - Operators can easily use them, and appreciate the safety advantage that Defender offers over any other filter type.


* Chosen Brand - Neptune Benson is chosen around the world for its quality and reliability.

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